Who We Help


We work with parents of both children and adolescents, in addition to parents of older adolescents and young adults, to navigate the complicated landscape of eating disorder treatment. Learning that your child is struggling with an eating disorder can feel overwhelming and leave you confused about what to do next or how to help. This feeling is further complicated by having 100’s of treatment options from which to choose. We can help you find your next steps towards getting your child the help they need.

Our consultants travel nationally to meet face to face with children diagnosed with an eating disorder and their families. By selecting our Therapeutic Placement service, we spend up to 15 hours over the course of a few days with you and your family in order to clearly assess your child’s needs for treatment, determine appropriate level of care, explore available insurance and financial resources, and ultimately recommend options for treatment that are the best fit for your child’s unique needs. We continue to support parents through the process of transitioning their child into treatment.

Our Family Support service is also available for parents of children struggling with an eating disorder. We help educate parents about eating disorders and they can best support their child in or outside of treatment. Recovery from an eating disorder can sometimes be a long road and children and adolescents especially need strong support from their parents to avoid relapse. We are there to teach you skills and strategies for how to best create an environment where you child can successful recovery.

Partners, Spouses, and Loved Ones

Northside Consultants offer guidance and support for partners, spouses, or other loved ones of an individual struggling with an eating disorder. Offered through our Therapeutic Placement service, we travel nationally to meet with you and your loved one in person. After a thorough assessment, we make recommendations as to appropriate level of care, availability of insurance or other financial resources, locate treatment options that best meet your loved one’s needs, and finally, help with the transition into treatment.

Sometimes, we find that there are circumstances in which a partner, spouse, or adult loved one is not willing to commit to treatment for their eating disorder. In these situations, we suggest the Family Support option. Here we are able to help you better understand your role in supporting your loved one even if they are not interested in finding recovery from their eating disorder yet. We offer this service in person or virtually.


Coming to terms with the fact that you have an eating disorder and need help to find a way out is a major step towards recovery. But, sometimes the task of exploring possible treatment options is too overwhelming and can work to decrease motivation for change.   We don’t want you to fall back into your eating disorder because it feels to complicated and difficult to figure out the right treatment path for you. By selecting our Therapeutic Placement option, we offer you direction towards the type of treatment that will be the “best fit” for your unique needs. We travel nationally to meet with you face to face in order to gather the clearest picture of your individual struggles with food and recommend the treatment program out there that is right for you. We help you understand any available insurance resources, the financial details of different treatment options, subtle program differences that might affect your treatment experience, and detail what you can expect while in treatment.