Frequently Asked Questions

What is a therapeutic consultant?

Therapeutic consultants are independent professionals who help individuals and families find and navigate therapy treatment options to meet their needs. At Northside Consulting, we specialize in working with those in search of eating disorder treatment specifically. Our consultants provide a combination of therapeutic, resource-gathering, and case management services.

What is the difference between therapy and therapeutic consulting?

Therapeutic consulting is a resource to help you navigate the types of therapy treatments available.

Unfortunately, not all treatment options are a good fit for all people. And, if you aren’t even certain what type of treatment you need – inpatient or outpatient, local or distanced – the net widens even more. It’s truly overwhelming to consider all the potential resources for an eating disorder, much less discern if they will work for you.

Therapeutic consulting involves a full independent assessment of your situation, symptoms, and needs. Then we will find the specific treatment programs and therapeutic options that are right for you and your situation, and help you navigate the transition to treatment.

Northside Consulting offers years of experience and a professional network to help you find the treatment option with the best structure and approach. We are also able to help you navigate financial resources and ultimately save you time, money, and energy by finding the absolute best fit possible.

Who can benefit from therapeutic consulting?

Northside Consulting is an ideal fit for families and individuals who are struggling to know how to deal with an eating disorder. Most of our clients are looking to address the eating disorder as a family and make therapeutic decisions together.

Some of our clients are families who do not know how to talk about or address disordered eating patterns they see in a loved one. Others have been discussing their concerns openly but don’t know what next steps to take to find a treatment program.

Regardless of your status on the path to change, our goal is to help you find the best therapeutic option for you.

Do you get compensated by treatment programs for referrals?

Never. Northside Consulting is 100% independent and we are not affiliated with any eating disorder treatment center.

Where can I get information about your pricing and what is included within that fee?

You can find more information about our service options on our SOLUTIONS page. Contact us at for more information on our pricing.

What if my loved one isn’t on board with getting help?

Many of our clients are family members of someone with an eating disorder who is reluctant or resistant to getting help. Resistance to eating disorder treatment is common and something we are empathetic to as therapists and consultants.

We are happy to work with you to provide family support as well as to chart a path for collaborating with your loved one. Your loved one does not need to be on board with your concerns for us to be able to provide support to you.